Big Bison Meat Company’s Buffalo Ranch

Bison grazing


Big Bison Meats and its bison ranch is a part of the “Crown Country” properties, a tourist destination that includes Crown Valley Winery, Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling, the Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary and multiple lodging options in Southeast Missouri.

Crown Country including the buffalo ranch were the vision of Missouri businessman Joe Scott, Sr.   Joe spent many of his boyhood summers on his grandparents farm near Coffman, Mo.  In the 1980’s he began acquiring land in the area.  In 2003, the centerpiece, Crown Valley Winery, opened to much acclaim and has become a fun and popular tourist destination in Missouri. The winery overlooks the scenic landscape and lush prairies of the buffalo ranch where the bison roam.

Big Bison Ranch

Our ranch land in the verdant rolling hills and valleys near Ste. Genevieve, MO provides an ideal environment for the bison.  They freely roam thousands of acres and graze on fescue and other native grasses.  They even wander through the vineyards of Crown Valley Winery and can frequently be seen from the winery.  We are proud to provide visitors and passersby with a glimpse of what the Great Plains looked like over a hundred years ago when there were more more buffalo than people in North America.

At Big Bison we are firmly committed to the highest quality animal care and nutrition.  We do not use antibiotics on a sub-therapeutic basis or growth hormones.  As a member we are pleased to abide by the National Bison Association’s Code of Ethics.

The high quality and great taste of our products are a direct result of the excellent nutrition we provide to our bison as well as the care and ethical treatment we maintain.